Ayrton’s MagicDot™-R has been awarded the Live Design™ Product of the Year 2016
in the Effects Category at the 9th annual Live Design Awards ceremony that took
place in Manhattan on Monday, 13 June. This marks the second year running that
Ayrton’s product designers were so honoured, having won Product of the Year 2015
for MagicBlade™-R.

A member of Ayrton’s Radical product line, the patented MagicDot™-R is the first
professional moving head LED luminaire with a single optical collimator. Using a
new 60W RGBW multi-chip LED paired with a 94mm high-efficiency collimator, in a
unique and distinctive form factor, MagicDot™-R delivers an intense uniform 4.5°
beam with a high CRI and a palette of rich saturated and pastel colours.

The judges said MagicDot-R was “fun and unique’ and chose it for a Product of the
Year Award because of its power and agility, stating: “The MagicDot-R puts a
refreshing effect fixture into the designer’s palette. Its lightning fast movement,
repeatable positioning, and full 360-degree rotation make this one of the most
unique fixtures to have been brought to market in years. It opens the door to many
great design ideas.’

Since its release last year at Prolight + Sound, Frankfurt, MagicDot-R has been put
to spectacular use by some of the best lighting designers in the world today,
including Cory Fitzgerald, Mike Swinford, LeRoy Bennett, Mark Butts and Dan
Hadley, for artists including Bruno Mars, Jason Aldean, The Weeknd, Little Big
Town, and of course for the famous “Grohl Throne’ for the Foo Fighters.

“We are delighted to be awarded a Live Design Product of the Year for a second
year in a row,’ says Ayrton’s Valere Huart-Gyors. “I think it is a wonderful
acknowledgment of Ayrton’s dedication to innovation. Knowing that the jury is
composed of experienced designers and programmers, we can be only really proud.
Let’s continue the story next year!’

Keith Bennett of Morpheus Lights, Ayrton’s exclusive US distributor, accepted the
award on behalf of Ayrton.

More information on Ayrton MagicDot-R and the entire portfolio of exciting Ayrton
products can be obtained from www.ayrton.eu and www.morpheuslights.com.