Prosound and DPA Microphones held a workshop in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban, to reintroduce and demonstrate the d:fine, d:vote, d:facto, d:screet, and d:dicate microphones to customers and dealers.

DPA Microphones regional sales manager Michael Trolle was the speaker all the way from Denmark and said his experience in South Africa was better than he anticipated, with great turnouts and very interested audiences. “The message I have tried to get across during my visit is to get customers and dealers to see the benefit and why it makes sense to invest in top quality products.’

Attendees at all three venues got hands-on experience by mixing feeds on a Midas M32 digital mixer, as well as separate monitoring areas in Johannesburg, done through the Audio Technica ATH-M50x and 40x headphones. The DPA microphones were put through its paces, while an acoustic jazz quartet from Durban performed. The drums were miked up with a combination of DPA 4099 instrument mics and the ST2011C stereo kits, double bass, sax and acoustic guitar with DPA 4099s, and the d:facto vocal microphone on vocals.

“Trolle came here to discuss and demonstrate how the microphones work, what they should be used for, placement of microphones, and the attendees did some A/B listening tests with other industry standard microphones to note the differences,’ said Francois Lotter of Prosound at the Johannesburg workshop, which was held at the SkyRoomLive studios at Shine Studios. Prosound has been providing technical services and equipment to SkyRoomLive for the live music events that are recorded and streamed monthly with some events broadcast on SABC.