ETC has released a range of video presentations from their hugely successful CUE 2013 event, which was held in Wisconsin last month.

The event, which was attended by some 150 users from around the globe, aimed to help them “Create, Understand and Experience’.

The event began with a full day of training on Eos and Congo family desks, followed up by three days of hands on classes led by ETC employees and other lighting experts. The classes covered 75 different topics, including lighting live shows on the fly, working with media servers, the theatre renovation process and proper ETC equipment maintenance.

Throughout CUE, attendees got to try out new tips and tricks in ETC’s labs.

The keynote addresses delivered by ETC CEO Fred Foster and Tony Award winning Broadway Lighting Designer Donald Holder were highlights of the event. In his address, Foster told his emotional first hand account of ETC’s history, from the early days working out of his parents’ garage, to the company’s current role as a leading lighting manufacturer. He also hinted at some of the technologies that ETC is researching, which may lead to new product innovations in the future.

Holder wowed the CUE crowd with an address about “the brave new world’ of lighting design. He used photos of his spellbinding designs to show how he has added emerging technologies to his work. With a nod to ETC’s Layers of Light concept, Holder explained: “We need to reduce power and carbon emissions, but we shouldn’t use certain sources just because they serve as a maintenance or power solution. The look of the light should override other considerations.’ He summed up his presentation by wondering what new tools will change the lighting landscape in the future.

CUE attendees themselves served as educators, doing short presentations on topics of their choice. They covered everything from museum lighting and costume illumination, to university productions and puppetry.

There were also three special events during CUE. The first was a Congo themed party, where programmers toasted the product family and got a sneak peek at a completely new line of desks which ETC will release later this year. It was followed by an exciting welcome reception, which gave attendees the opportunity to network with other rigging and lighting professionals and meet the ETC staff behind the equipment they use every day.

CUE attendees took home a wealth of new knowledge to apply to their work. Lighting designer Kristi Ross-Clausen commented that CUE is “one of the best educational experiences available for theatrical lighting, architectural lighting, rigging and “electrical geek type’ folks everywhere.’

The complete set of six videos can be found in ETC’s YouTube library at