GEN111 Essentials of AV Technology

Presented under license from InfoComm University

When: 11- 13 June 2014

Venue: Blandford Manor, 106 Hyperion Drive, Northriding, Gauteng

Cost: R7,500. (Member) or R9, 500. (non-member)

This 3-day course provides in-depth explanations of the science and technology for basic audio, visual and audio-visual systems integration. A brief overview of the sales, rental/hire, design and installation functions is included in the course content. This course builds the student’s understanding of the fundamentals used on a daily basis in the audio-visual industry. It is also great prep for the students wanting to earn the InfoComm-recognised AV Technologist certificate.

Note: This ever-popular course includes access to InfoComm’s online course material.

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