Bergamo-based Clay Paky SpA, received the lifetime achievement prize at the MIPA/PIPA awards held in Frankfurt during Musikmesse. The ceremony took place on 13 March 2014 and the winner was chosen by an overwhelming majority of the jury.

This is the fifteenth time the annual MIPA awards have been presented. They have been extended this year, for the first time, from the world of musical instruments to the field of stage lighting and sound (PIPA awards). The fact Pasquale Quadri is the first person from the lighting industry to receive this prestigious award is therefore particularly significant.

Every lighting professional knows that Pasquale Quadri is the creative power-house behind Clay Paky. Now it is the music industry that wants to sing Pasquale Quadri’s praises for his contribution to innovation. His passion for technology has given rise to products that use light to bring out the rhythms and atmospheres of musical notes and create emotions.

With this MIPA/PIPA Lifetime Achievement Award, Pasquale Quadri joins an exclusive club whose members consist of the mythical personalities who have received it before him for having made the history of the world music industry, such as the two Meyer brothers, who founded Meyer Sound, Fritz Sennheiser, inventor of the wireless microphone and Jim Marshall, whose guitar amps are legendary throughout the world.