It was back in 2006 when AV unlimited – an audio, visual and staging company – decided to invest in the Martin MAC 700 Profile Series to service their ever-increasing demand for intelligent lighting in their shows.

These 700’s worked tirelessly week after week and eight years later they realised the time had come to invest in some new workhorses. At the time there were not many options in the 700 range and there was an LED fixture in the pipeline but it was a long way to market. The Martin MAC Viper Profile had been out for a little over 2,5 years and had rapidly become the darling of the South African lighting industry. Over this time the MAC Viper had proved itself as an industry favourite workhorsefixture.
With a little over 160 MAC Viper Profiles in daily use around South Africa and taking into account the needs of AV Unlimited, they decided to put their faith once again in Martin Professional brand and replace the tired MAC 700s with 18 Shiny new Martin MAC Viper Profiles.

“When the MAC 2000 was retired it was a huge expectation to make a worthy replacement for the rental and touring market. I was privileged to see one of the very first plastic and wood mock-ups of the MAC Viper in Denmark in 2011. To see this fixture slowly become a world standard from that prototype and to have been involved in getting many of these Vipers into South Africa is really a proud moment,’ says Electrosonic’s Bruce Schwartz.

“The choice of Viper’s for AV Unlimited will prove to be a very sound decision and that they will serve them for a long time again, much like the trusty 700’s did all those years ago,’ adds Schwartz.