Barco has announced the release of two new enterprise products: a dedicated huddle proposition and a 4K collaboration solution. With the addition of the ClickShare CS-100 Huddle and the ClickShare CSE-200+ to the portfolio, Barco ClickShare now has a complete offering of intuitive, IT-friendly collaborative experiences for every meeting room in the enterprise—shifting its focus from wireless presentation to interactive meeting collaboration.

The ClickShare CS-100 Huddle, designed for huddle and small meeting spaces, completes the ClickShare product portfolio. It brings spontaneous, ad-hoc and swift content-sharing—ideal for short catch-ups or instant brainstorming with a limited group of employees.

“ClickShare now brings the same experience for every type of meeting room in the contemporary office environment: from a huddle space to a regular meeting room, from a collaboration room to a fully equipped large meeting room, such as a boardroom or conference room. Different meeting room sizes or types in both traditional industries and new businesses can all be given the same intuitive and uniform collaborative experience.”

-Gauthier Renard, Product Manager Barco ClickShare

With the ClickShare CSE-200+, new ways of meeting can be introduced in the current workplace. Brainstorming or more creative discussions are enabled by a wide set of features: annotation, blackboarding, touch back and 4K support with every type of device. The integrated HD switch in the CSE-200+ model takes away the stress and hassle of having to switch manually between wired legacy sources (such as cameras) and the ClickShare wirelessly presented content. Interactivity and feature-rich sharing is the way forward for the current workforce and creates an opportunity to reach outcomes more quickly and increase their productivity and efficiency.

The majority of existing wireless presentation solutions enable people to collaborate using either software or hardware. With ClickShare, that choice is entirely up to the end-users. In addition to presenting with the iconic ClickShare Button, sharing with software or a combination of both hardware and software is now also possible. ClickShare is launching an App for PC and Mac alongside the well-known ClickShare Apps for mobile devices (both Android and iOS devices). The combination of sharing content with both Button and App provides an intuitive way of collaborating, enriched by power-user functionalities in the ClickShare App such as extended desktop, pause function, moderation, etc.

A uniform user interface, no extra training needed and reduced clutter and IT tickets: ClickShare solutions are created to make IT managers’ lives easier. The IT friendliness of the solution is also underlined by the seamless integration with existing company networks and legacy infrastructure. All ClickShare models function both standalone and in a network, and can be remotely managed by the easy-to-use ClickShare XMS. With the highest standards for security and the flexibility to reach the level of IT integration desired by the customer (standalone, network or hybrid setup), we offer collaboration technology that’s truly tailored to the needs of our customers.

 “With more than 500,000 units shipped worldwide, ClickShare is leading the way in the market of meeting collaboration technology. We’re dedicated to providing the most reliable, intuitive and innovative collaboration solutions, which means we can give contemporary companies a serious competitive advantage. Investing in future-proof collaboration technology is investing in new ways of working, in attracting the best talent and in optimising decision-making. Heightening efficiency and productivity keeps you one step ahead of your competitors. Our two newest ClickShare family members fulfil the needs of enterprises today in search of secure, IT-friendly solutions. Next to this we offer customers new, more interactive ways of working, required by today’s workforce and help businesses to prepare for the future of work, driving efficiency in the brightest, simplest and most productive way.”

-Lieven Bertier, Head of GTM Strategy and Services.