A simpler user interface, easier connection via all operating systems, and native integration with Crestron AirBoard whiteboard capture system and Crestron Flex UC solutions

Crestron is introducing major enhancements to its AirMedia 2.0 Wireless Presentation Systems (AM-200, AM-300): simpler user interface, quick connection via all operating systems, and native integration with the Crestron AirBoard whiteboard capture system and Crestron Flex UC solutions.

AirMedia 2.0 is the fastest, easiest, most manageable, and secure wireless presentation technology. The AM-300 and AM-200 enable organisations to increase workflow and facilitate collaboration by turning lobbies, lounges, and other open spaces into productive meeting spaces. They mount discreetly behind wall-mount displays and enable wired or wireless presentation. No furniture, dongles, or new Wi-Fi networks are needed. AirMedia 2.0 is the only enterprise-grade wireless presentation technology that offers the network security, cloud-based deployment and management, and iOS operating system mirroring without Bonjour networking technology.

Simpler user interface

The newly designed user interface enables users to connect to AirMedia in just seconds and start presenting. With a click on the “Start Presenting” button, the AirMedia receiver automatically detects the web browser and whether the AirMedia app is installed. If the app is installed, it will automatically launch and prompt the presenter to enter their secure code. If the app is not installed, the presenter is served with the appropriate app for their device.

Easier connection

With the addition of the AirMedia Extension for Google Chrome, AirMedia now conveniently connects with all of the most popular operating systems.

Built-in support for Crestron AirBoard

AirMedia 2.0 now provides native integration with Crestron Flex UC solutions and the Crestron AirBoard whiteboard capture system right out-of-the-box, no programming required. The only enterprise-grade appliance of its kind, Crestron AirBoard enables local participants to see whiteboard content on the main room display and remote participants to view the content on their personal devices.  Anyone can then share the whiteboard content with the touch of a button.

Cloud-based deployment and management

AirMedia is a network-based appliance that can be deployed, configured, and managed from the cloud. Using the Crestron XiO Cloud service or the built-in web tool, the mobile app can be silently deployed to laptops and smart devices across the enterprise, and user access rights and firmware updates can be remotely managed.