SkyGroup Communications is pleased to announce that its cloud-based, video and voice system videoHUB now supports seamless integration with a range of Yealink endpoint devices and services. This will enable users to roll out an all-in-one supported cloud-based video conferencing solution no matter the size of the meeting room.

The new offering, videoHUB Cloud, is currently available in three iterations, namely: videoHUB Connect, videoHUB Cloud MCU and videoHUB Cloud VMR. Clients taking advantage of the integration between Yealink and videoHUB, customers can participate, organise and make conference calls on any Yealink device. As videoHUB boasts full integration into Skype for Business and is delivered in true HD quality video customers can link both on-premise and mobile conferencing environments.

“We are a long-standing partner of Yealink and their superior technologies in the video conferencing and virtual meeting environment was a perfect fit for our home-grown videoHUB solution,” states Dirk Schreuder, Sales and Marketing Director at SkyGroup Communications. “Through the integration of our solutions, SMB customers who aren’t able to afford enterprise-grade conferencing solutions, but still want the same quality and performance, will now be able to do so without the crippling costs associated to the service.

“Furthermore, as it is based on a subscription cloud-model, there are no hidden costs, no additional hardware investments required and the ability for a customer to scale later depending on their requirements,” he adds.

The first solution, videoHUB Connect enables customers who purchase a Yealink VC880 / VC800, Yealink VC500 or Yealink VC200 registration to the videoHUB service for free for a full year and boasts features that extend inherent security, a centralised directory and scheduling capabilities as well as central endpoint management. In addition, it can be purchased for any existing Yealink VCS2.0 video endpoint.

The videoHUB Cloud MCU offering, allows a customer to take advantage of their own cloud-based Multipoint Server. The customer has complete control of their virtual meeting rooms and scheduled meetings. It also allows for the scheduling of ad hoc “meet now” meetings and you are able to host any meeting type up to the concurrent ports purchased simultaneously. It’s like having your own video collaborations server at a fraction of the cost.

With the videoHUB Cloud VMR packages, a customer can run a single Virtual Meeting Room (VMR) supporting up to 5 or 10 ports per VMR and also allows for conference moderator control. Customers are able to purchase multiple VMRs if there is a need.

Additional features of videoHUB include the ability to schedule Outlook and web meetings, including meeting notifications and click to join meeting links. It supports all types of meeting modes and offers full conference control such as invite and remove, audio and layout control as well as lock and unlock functionality. Users can host a multi-party conference and it is compatible with third-party SIP/H.323, Skype for Business, WebRTC and will soon support PSTN calls and live streaming.

“Our reseller partners will now be able to offer customers a bundled solution without having to worry about third-party integration. They can scale the solution to meet a customer’s needs and know that the offering is locally supported and hosted,” ends Schreuder.