Peripheral Vision at Mediatech Africa 2019

At this year’s edition of Mediatech Africa, Peripheral Vision was able to set up a highly effective demonstration not only of their prowess as an AV integration company, but also some of their choice products for the corporate conferencing environment.

Visitors to the Sennheiser Hospitality Suite at Mediatech Africa 2019 – set up in collaboration with Peripheral Vision – were given an ‘ears-on’ experience of the peerless TeamConnect Ceiling Mic II system. Conferencing solutions are one of the fastest-growing verticals in the professional AV integration industry, and by being able to ‘listen in’ to the conversation happening in an adjacent room at Mediatech, visitors were able to experience for themselves the impeccable vocal pick-up the microphone system provides.

As Wynand Langenhoven, CEO of Peripheral Vision, explained, the company were excited to bring the TeamConnect Ceiling Mic II system into their portfolio “because of the synergies between the product and the other technologies that we distribute, particularly our Extron integration solutions. The demo you see [at the Hospitality Suite] is Extron flat-field speakers with the Sennheiser ceiling mics, and they both just drop straight into the ceiling structure. So there’s an example of a commonality that we’re able to leverage.”