The 14K lumens Barco RLM-W14 projector is a three-chip DLP projector offering
Active Stereo 3D, WUXGA (1 920 x 1 200) resolution, and a brightness level of 14
500 centre lumens. Equipped with HDBaseT to provide video over a single Cat 5
cable, the RLM-W14 is designed for fixed installation in small- to medium-sized
venues; but its rugged chassis, extended warping and blending functionalities and
optional rental frame make it equally suited for the rental and staging market as

Featuring a fresh projector design with an improved lens mount, the RLM-W14 also
offers Active Stereo 3D, extended warping and blending, and comes with video over
a single Cat 5 cable functionalities (HDBaseT) as standard. It achieves its 14 500
lumens with twin 465W NSH lamps which – next to being very affordable – offer a
long lifetime. Thanks to these features, it’s perfectly suited for fixed installation in
museums, theatres, houses of worship, hotels, lecture halls or conference
auditoriums, as well as for the rental market.

Supporting point-to-point transmission of video signals from a source converter to a
projector over a single Cat 5 cable, the RLM-W14’s integrated HDBaseT eliminates
the need for multiple cables and connectors, leading to greater simplicity and lower
installation costs. It covers signal distribution over a distance of more than 70
metres. The high-brightness RLM-W14 generates crisp and stable images with rich
contrast. And thanks to its three-chip architecture, it can produce 35 trillion colours.

Moreover, the RLM-W14 features a Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine
(DICOM) simulated mode that guarantees accurate grayscales and highly detailed
images – key requirements for use in medical training and education applications.

The RLM-W14 can be easily controlled in multiple ways and thanks to its lens
memory feature, specific settings for image size, lens shift and the focus of the
projector lens can be easily stored and recalled at a later time.