Alcons Audio, leading developers and manufacturers of professional sound systems, has announced the release of high-resolution measurement and simulation data for Alcons’ L-series pro-ribbon line-arrays and Q-series pro-ribbon column-arrays.

The data is supplied in Generic Loudspeaker Library (GLL) format for use with the EASE 4.3 acoustic prediction program and the newly released ARC2™ (Alcons Ribbon Calculator) array set-up tool, which is based on the EASE Focus 2 program.

By using GLL in EASE, the performance of an Alcons sound system in a suggested acoustic environment can now be predicted with a very high degree of accuracy. The generated simulation includes reverb times, speech intelligibility and other parameters and can be viewed both in horizontal as well as vertical planes. Also multiple arrays in one simulation is possible.

“We are very happy to be able to make GLL available for our products,’ says Alcons Audio’s Tom Back. “Now, one can not only hear the unique Alcons pro-ribbon sound, but also visualise the un-manipulated, perfect coupling of the pro-ribbon cylindrical wavefronts and the precisely controlled projection of our systems.’

Due to the precise projection of the pro-ribbon transducers, the GLL data are based on very high-resolution, actual system measurements: The QR systems are measured with 1° accuracy, the LR systems with 2° accuracy and the other systems with the standard 5° accuracy.

He continues, “We have included all of our system configurations and processing optimisations from the DDP™ digital drive processor and the new Sentinel amplified loudspeaker controllers. These, in combination with the very low manufacturing tolerance of +/- 1dB, allows GLL-based simulations to convert Alcons’ sound systems into true precision instruments and is another step towards our goal to deliver the most accurate sound reproduction possible.’

Systems included in the Alcons GLL’s are:

LR7 and LR7/90 micro line-arrays
LR14 and LR14/90 ultra-compact line-arrays
LR16 compact line-array
QR18 line-source column
QR36 line-source column

All systems include their accompanying bass cabinets, along with the QR18 and QR36 line-source columns, their QM low and mid array extensions, smaller systems of the T-series and the S-series general sound reinforcement systems.

New systems will be added regularly into the library base.

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