The Apart Audio Microphone Discussion System (MDS) is a highly flexible small to
medium size tabletop discussion system. This easy to set up and easy to use audio
system is the perfect solution for meeting rooms, board rooms and medium
conference rooms. This discussion system consists of a chairman unit (MDS.CHAIR)
and up to 19 delegate units (MDS.DEL). The connection interface (MDS.INT) is
located at the beginning of the microphone chain.

This MDS system has a unique circuit loop design with an easy set-up using
standard CAT5 cables for linking up to 20 units in a daisy chain, and every
microphone and switching adaptor can be located anywhere in the loop. When the
chairman presses the mute button, only the chairman unit will be active and all
delegates will be muted and deactivated. The delegates can press a button to talk
into the flexible gooseneck microphone.

The MDS.INT easily connects to any of the Apart pre-amplifiers, matrixes,
integrated or mixing amplifiers, allowing you to control the volume and / or use the
record output for recording the meeting. Combined with one of the pre-amplifiers,
REVAMP power amp series and with the Apart CMX20T or MASK4 loudspeakers, you
will have astonishing voice clarity for your board rooms, meeting rooms or medium
conference rooms.