expanding around the globe. Just recently, Barco announced a partnership with
Egypt’s largest multiplex, Galaxy Festival City Cinemas, to bring the Barco Escape
premium theatre experience to Cairo – a first in the Middle East. The cinema
exhibitor will premiere the three-screen, panoramic Escape format with one of the
movie industry’s most anticipated summer films, Star Trek Beyond, on 27 July.

Located at Cairo’s most prestigious urban development, Cairo Festival City, Galaxy
Festival City Cinemas is Egypt’s biggest cinema multiplex. “Galaxy Festival City
Cinemas aspires to bring audiences the most technologically advanced movie-going
experience, which is why they are proud to introduce Barco Escape to the region for
the first time,’ said Peter Khammas, CEO of CineTech. “Escape is what an engaging,
immersive cinema experience really feels like – something you can’t get while
watching a film at home. It is a great way for Galaxy Festival City Cinemas to take
an edge over its competitors and attract new customers.’

Fully DCI-compliant, Barco Escape utilizes three Barco digital cinema projectors to
display the movie on three screens that span the theatre’s front and sidewalls. It
offers a panoramic canvas that fully captures the audience’s entire field of vision.
Galaxy Festival City Cinemas is so enthusiastic about the concept that it is planning
to make the first Egyptian movie for the Barco Escape format.

Since Barco Escape debuted in the fall of 2014 with 20th Century Fox’s #1 global hit
movie Maze Runner, Barco has been working hand in hand with today’s top studios
and filmmakers to create projects that offer audiences an unmatched viewing
experience that is only available in theatres. JJ Abrams’ Bad Robot Productions and
Paramount recently revealed that this summer’s blockbuster film Star Trek Beyond
will be re-mastered for the format for its summer 2016 debut. Director Scott Waugh
(“Act of Valor,’ “Need for Speed’) is currently directing the Josh Hartnett-led “6
Below,’ the first feature shot entirely for Barco Escape. Additionally, Barco has
multi-picture deals with 20th Century Fox, Cross Creek Pictures, Fundamental Films,
and Jerry Bruckheimer to create movies for the format.

Besides the set-up at Galaxy, Barco expects to have several more Escape-equipped
theatre installations completed in time for the Star Trek Beyond release in July
2016. The number of Escape installations will then gradually expand over the
coming months in the United States, Europe, Mexico as well as China.