Clonwerk Simposium recently equipped the Italian headquarters of Bosch in Milan
with a customized sound reinforcement system from Dynacord and Electro-Voice
(EV). The installed solution offers a unique combination of high speech intelligibility,
powerful music reproduction and architecture-friendly aesthetics. Loudspeakers
from the Dynacord Vertical Array family and the EV EVID series are installed in the
auditorium and adjoining Galileo Room, as well as subwoofers, amplifiers, system
control and touchpanels.

Over a century ago, Bosch opened its first sales office for Italy in Milan. Today the
company has over 5,700 employees at 17 locations across the country. In time for
the Expo World Fair 2015, Milan-based Clonwerk Simposium installed a new
Dynacord and Electro-Voice sound system in the Bosch headquarters of Italy, which
is located in the capital of Lombardy to this day.

The installation in Milan’s auditorium and the adjoining Galileo Room proved to be
quite a challenge, as Luca Galli, Regional Marketing Manager Conferencing and
Public Address with Bosch Security Systems in Italy recalls: “The large auditorium
is acoustically difficult due to the niches integrated in the ceiling.’ As high speech
intelligibility and music quality were required regardless of the architecture, the
best setup proved to be a combination of eleven Vertical Array series loudspeakers
and six subwoofers from Dynacord. “Thanks to the TS 400’s vertically arranged
woofers as array elements, we have full control over the speakers’ dispersion
pattern,’ comments Galli. “Additionally, the TS 400 speaker is designed to provide
smooth coverage over a very wide bandwidth – even in acoustically challenging
surroundings such as these.’

In the adjoining Galileo Room two Electro-Voice EVID two-way coaxial ceiling
loudspeakers provide sound reinforcement. Six Dynacord Power-H amplifiers with
RCM-28 remote control modules provide very high and stable output power for the
loudspeakers, as well as supervision and control via touch panels. This allows the
staff to comfortably control zones and volume levels remotely.

To ensure that the system is easy to monitor and control, Clonwerk Simposium
chose an Electro-Voice NetMax N8000 system controller. A top-of-the-line digital
matrix system offering comprehensive management of all aspects of professional
sound reinforcement systems.

“Since its installation the system has been used everyday and the result is
absolutely awesome,’ Galli adds. “We carried out numerous events in these two
rooms in parallel with the Expo 2015. From the beginning, the sound was fantastic
and all the speeches crystal clear.’