Bose Professional recently held an industry demo of its RoomMatch progressive directivity array loudspeaker system at the Aratani Theatre in Los Angeles – part of the Japanese American Cultural & Community Center in L.A.’s Little Tokyo district.

The Aratani Theatre is an 880-seat, medium-sized theatre with a warm, intimate ambience – serving not only the Japanese-American performing arts community, but also the broader arts communities of the region. This system is the first RoomMatch installation in the southern California area, and system integration, design and sound reinforcement was performed by ATK Audiotek.

The demo was attended by integrators and audio engineers from the area, as well as members of the professional audio media.

Each side of the stage features a RoomMatch array including an RM9010 module, an RM9020 module and two RM12020 modules, along with two RMS218 subwoofers located above the centre of the stage. The system is powered by four Bose PowerMatch PM8500N networked amplifiers with processing handled by a ControlSpace ESP-880 DSP processor. Side-fill stage monitors include two Bose LT 9403 loudspeakers along with RMS215 subwoofers, powered by two PM8500N’s.

Michael MacDonald, president of ATK Audiotek, states, “At ATK we are always looking for committed vendor partners, and when we visited the Bose plant in Framingham, Massachusetts, what we found was a very committed partner with some interesting technology and products. The RoomMatch product line is impressive, as it provides a large selection of different coverage options, and coupled with the PowerMatch amps with integrated DSP, we found it easy to design, install and tune the system at the Aratani Theatre. The results are outstanding. Power, bandwidth and coverage are all optimized and the seat to seat consistency is excellent.’

MacDonald concludes, “With RoomMatch, Bose has introduced a genuinely new solution, and ATK Audiotek has become a dedicated RoomMatch partner with system design and after-sales support. This represents a new opportunity for Bose in the professional audio arena. Commitment from vendors is the key to success in the installation industry, and Bose has illustrated their strong commitment with RoomMatch.’