The Crestron PP-100: PinPoint Proximity Detection Beacon works with the Crestron
App for iOS, enabling a smart device to know what room it’s in so the controls for that
room are automatically displayed.

PinPoint enhances the intelligence and personalisation of your Crestron system by
enabling your iPhone or iPad to always know what room it’s in. PinPoint works with the
Crestron App to ensure that the controls displayed on your device are applicable to the
room you’re in. Walk into the kitchen and you’re automatically presented with lighting,
audio and TV controls for that room. Move into the family room and instantly start
controlling the lighting, shades and home theatre system in that room. With PinPoint,
there’s no need to manually select your current room from a menu — your iOS device
always knows where it’s at.
Distributed by Electrosonic SA: