Bosch Security Systems has made it’s Modular Fire Panels 1200 and 5000 Series even
more appealing to installers and system integrators. Both panels now support a walk
test with mobile devices such as tablets or smart phones without the need to install
any apps. Further, Bosch partners can now customise both Modular Fire Panels 1200
and 5000 Series with their own logos or adapt the keypads’ displays to their
customer’s corporate design. The new functionalities are also available to existing
customers through a firmware update, which also brings general availability of Bosch’s
Remote Services that were introduced in April this year.

With the new firmware, these Remote Services now include the digital walk test
feature. Via an optimised interface, it greatly facilitates detector revision and testing
of LSN devices. All detectors in a given loop are shown on the mobile device’s display
in an intuitive overview, together with addresses, any additional information stored in
the panel and status data depending on detector type (e.g. temperature, EMC
[electromagnetic compatibility] or degree of pollution). From this overview, the
technician can easily start the test procedure. Successful tests will automatically be
highlighted on the display, and the respective detector will be marked as tested. It is
also possible to store individual notes for each detector. With these features and
depending on local regulations, a technician can perform the walk test very efficiently
on his or her own, avoiding the need for a colleague to watch and record the tests at
the fire panel’s display. Results are continuously recorded during the walk test so that
they will always be available after breaks or outages of the communication link. Once
the walk test has been finalised, comprehensive reports in PDF and Excel formats will
be generated automatically, further reducing time and cost for the necessary
documentation of the service call.

The new display customisation feature is specifically useful for organisations, which
need to install keypads in publicly accessible areas without disturbing a classy
environment, such as hotels or law firms. Here, the customer’s corporate design can
now be seamlessly integrated into the panel display. In less critical environments, the
system integrator can use his own logo instead and thus continuously demonstrate his
presence on his customer’s premises. Individual colour graphics can easily be
uploaded using the configuration software of the fire panel.

The new Firmware includes the customisation feature without additional cost. The new
walk test functionality is part of the Bosch Remote Services and is included in the