DPA Microphones’ d:screet 4063 and d:dicate 4018A are being used on the set of the US television series Tosh.0, which is a Comedy Central channel show focused on poking fun at web-based video content. The show is hosted by standup comedian Daniel Tosh, who provides commentary on the content.

In order to keep up with Tosh.0’s ever-changing production needs, Daniel McCoy, field audio mixer for the show, uses DPA’s d:screet 4063 Omnidirectional Miniature Microphones and a d:dicate™ 4018A Supercardioid Microphone.

A staple in McCoy’s toolbox, the d:screet 4063s serve as the main lavaliers for Tosh and his guests during the interview portion of the show’s Web Redemptions, and since this segment of the show typically features people who aren’t used to being on camera, special care must be taken to ensure that the shoot is perfect.

“The Web Redemption is my specialty; it has an ever-changing cast of people, with different wardrobes and sets. It’s nice to be able to wire up people who have never been miked on camera within seconds and not have any issues. The DPA d:screets are just so plug-and-play, you can set them and forget them,’ says McCoy.

He also uses the d:screet miniature mics during many of the stunt shots, including those related to the Web Redemptions. In settings when he can’t wire the talent, he’ll use his d:screets as plant mics. “The d:screet 4063s are quite versatile. Even if I’m not shooting a Web Redemption, there may be a scene with stunts or one in which someone is nude and I can’t use a boom mic because it’s a wide shot – in these cases, I use the 4063 with the black boundary accessory to hide it. I’m even able to mix cast members who aren’t wired if I have them come within two or three feet of the miked person. The frequency response of the mics is so good and everything is so articulate and clear.’