Doughty Engineering is set to debut three new pieces of kit at this year’s ABTT
show. The Doughty team will be on hand to demonstrate the company’s new Super
Lightweight Drop Arm and Projector Mount – both new additions to the award
winning Modular Rigging System.

The Projector Mount offers full 360 degree rotation, tilts in two directions and is
adjustable to fit most projectors. Meanwhile the Super Lightweight Drop Arm, with a
safe working load (SWL) of 10kg,gives lighting designers the opportunity to hang
smaller luminaires. With a 16mm spigot and a safety bond slot, the Super
Lightweight Drop Arm fits 48-51mm diameter barrels and is adjustable from 75-
400mm in length.

Mark Chorley, design engineer at Doughty, said: “The Modular Rigging range will
continue to grow as long as its users keep approaching us with their suggestions on
how it could be improved. A show like ABTT is the perfect arena for our customers
to tell us just how well our products are working for them and how they would like
to see them developed. We designed the Modular Rigging System to offer lighting
designers the opportunity to be more creative and versatile with their lighting
designs. This has worked, but more than that, it’s allowed designers to dream up
even more interesting ways to use the system. We believe that our best products
are those which have been designed with the users’ wish lists in mind – and this has
never been truer than of the Modular Rigging range.”

Doughty is also set to debut its new floor stand at this year’s show. Manufactured in
steel, with a powder painted finish, the new floor stand is designed specifically for
mounting moving lights and has a SWL of 50kg. “We’re really excited to receive
feedback on this new stand – from both our existing customers who are familiar
with our other stands and from customers who are new to Doughty”, explained

He continued: “ABTT is without doubt one of the most important shows for us. It
allows us to introduce our products to a very specific audience and gather vital
feedback from them. We know that what works for our customers in one sector
doesn’t necessarily work for others and the feedback we get is fundamental to
ensuring we are manufacturing items that are held in high esteem by everyone.”