Extron Electronics is pleased to introduce three new Architectural Mounting products
designed specifically for the pro AV market. SMB 110 Series Surface Mount Boxes
are designed to externally mount US gang size products on a table top, podium, or
other presentation furniture. Available in sizes from one-gang through five-gang,
SMB 100 surface mount boxes hold products at an ergonomic angle for easy
visibility and access. The EWB 212 External Wall Box is a mounting solution for EU
products, designed with sufficient depth to house faceplate wiring as well as take in
cable runs from a surface-mounted raceway or rear wall space. The WBA 100 Wall
and Box Adapter is a plate for surface- or box-mounting AV system components,
allowing AV equipment to be mounted directly on the surface or within a Chief
PAC526 wall box in close proximity of the display, making it ideal for installations
with a flat panel display or wall-mounted short throw projector.

“Consistently looking to system integrators for their input and insight, we have
added three new architectural mounting products geared specifically to meet the
challenges faced by professional AV integrators in the field,” says Casey Hall, Vice
President of Sales and Marketing for Extron. “The new products introduce innovative
features that incorporate AV system components more easily into more

Extron Architectural Mounting solutions blend AV technology into the surrounding
environment for improved aesthetics and ease of access. Extron Wall Box Adapters,
External Wall Boxes, and Surface Mount Boxes provide convenient external
mounting solutions for concrete, brick, and wood. They are ideal for placing AV
connectivity and power within easy reach of the user. External Wall and Surface
Mount Boxes provide an alternative to cutting the furniture surface or placing
connectivity on a wall.

For more information on the SMB 110 Series, visit: www.extron.com/smb110pr

For more information on the EWB 212, visit: www.extron.com/ewb212pr

For more information on the WBA 100, visit: www.extron.com/wba100pr