Located in the 18th arrondissement of Paris (France) the Hasard Ludique was born
from crowd funding and is the new hottest cultural and musical spot in the French
capital. The venue benefits from APG’s new Uniline Compact loudspeakers, and
professionals and music lovers alike couldn’t agree more on the excellent acoustic

During the renovation of this old Parisian train station, French integrator and service
provider D6 Bell Light used its know-how to overcome the many challenges presented
by the venue and its unusual infrastructure. In order to stand out and provide acoustic
performance levels similar to the very best venues in the capital, the owners needed
the highest quality and acoustic performance, a challenge that APG was more than
able to take on.

D6 Bell Light has completed several projects in construction and renovation in the
past, and with its own design department, it can offer customised solutions to each
client and support them from the project’s inception phase all the way to the recycling
of old products.

The Hasard Ludique technical consultant Ronan Berthome boasts years of experience
in dealing with technical AV integration for contemporary music venues. After running
a comparative listening session on site between different brands, he and his team
opted for the Uniline Compact, APG’s revolutionary modular line array system.

D6 Bell Light sales manager Yael Laporte explains what the challenges were: “The
shallow depth between the front of the stage and the back of the room (which
measures less than 6m with an opening of 11m), meant that we needed a compact
yet powerful audio system capable of providing a horizontal opening of at least 100°
in order to ensure optimal coverage. The Uniline Compact was the only system
capable of helping us reach our sonic goals.’

With only four APG UC206W loudspeakers as well as two TB215S subwoofers used at
the Hasard Ludique, this new concert venue has all the coverage and power needed.

New technologies are at the heart of this project, as Yael Laporte describes: “The
Hasard Ludique wanted an audio system that would be as exceptional as its lighting
investment, an ambitious and innovative approach for a venue of this size. To fulfil
this ambition, we set up a fully digital system, from the console to the amplifiers,
using Dante cards integrated in the APG DA15:4 amplifiers.’

Vincent Merlet, co-founder of the Hasard Ludique, and the person in charge of
communications and private events enthused: “We trusted D6 Bell Light’s knowledge
and experience as a recognised integrator and service provider, and we are delighted
with the support we were given. We chose APG for the remarkable performance of its
products, the brand’s unique know-how and excellent value.’

Yael Laporte concluded: “We work with a number of well-known brands, but the
Uniline Compact from APG has substantial advantages, such as its reduced size, light
weight, power efficiency, horizontal and vertical coverage and of course an exceptional
stereo result.’