The Stone Mountain Arts Centre is a 200-seat, timber frame music hall nestled in
the scenic foothills of the White Mountains in Brownfield, Maine. A labour of love
and dream fulfilled for owner/musician Carol Noonan, the Centre provides a unique
venue for national artists who love the idea of connecting with small audiences
again. A diverse array of artists, ranging from Lyle Lovett, Robert Cray and Marty
Stuart to Ani DeFranco, Taj Mahal and Mary Chapin Carpenter, have graced the
Centre’s stage to provide unforgettable performances that have helped make it a
popular destination for musicians and audiences alike.

The Centre selected Jason Raboin of Klondike Sound to design a new sound system
to support the eclectic roster of artists they showcase. The project presented a
number of interesting acoustical and aesthetic challenges, including managing the
Centre’s highly reflective wooden surfaces and designing a visually unobtrusive
sound system to blend in with its rustic timber frame architecture.

Raboin selected Fulcrum speakers for their signature clarity, precise directional
control and minimal visual impact. The simple yet powerful system he designed
consists of two Fulcrum DX1277 dual 12 inch coaxial loudspeakers whose tailored
75° x 75° dispersion keeps sound off the physical structure. Two Sub118 18 inch
direct-radiating subwoofers extend low frequency support, and eight compact
FX1295 12 inch coaxial vocal monitors are used on the Centre’s stage.

The Centre’s production manager Patrick O’Donnell enthuses, “With their tailored
coverage pattern and musical quality, Fulcrum’s speakers provide the fidelity and
punch we need. Whether it’s a loud rock show or a nuanced acoustic performance,
the system is really transparent.” Carol Noonan adds, “As our arts centre is all
about people and connections, we needed a sound system that wouldn’t detract
from its warm, welcoming and intimate feel. Fulcrum speakers were a perfect fit.”

Carol relates, “We recently had Robert Cray who has played here many times. His
band brought a lot of their own gear but as usual, used our house speakers and
subwoofers. It was definitely the best sounding show we’ve ever had with him.
Nothing was different than before – the same crew and players as always – so it’s
got to be the speakers.”