The SoHo is one of Manhattan’s newest upscale event spaces, an authentic
penthouse SoHo loft that provides a full range of catering, DJ and other services for
all types of affairs. Celebrating its grand opening last July, The SoHo features an in-
house music system operated by a BSS Audio Soundweb Contrio wall controller that
makes music selection easy for The SoHo’s staff.

Ian Hoffer, president of New Jersey systems integrator Aurora Sound & Light Design
chose the Contrio EC-4BV Ethernet wall controller and a BSS Audio BLU-50 signal
processor with BLU link connectivity to serve as the operational heart of The SoHo’s
music system. “We needed a controller that would be absolutely simple to use per
the owner’s wishes and discreetly blend into the space’s beautifully appointed
decor,’ said Hoffer. The Contrio EC-4BV was perfect for the application.’

The BSS Audio Soundweb Contrio EC-4BV features a push/rotary encoder, an
encoder ring, four buttons and a color LCD screen that can display custom text and
graphics. Available in black or white, the EC-4BV connects to a system via Ethernet
and can be custom-configured using the HARMAN HiQnet Audio Architect™ system
configuration and control software.

Music for The SoHo events is furnished via an iPad or a visiting DJ, and a mic is
also provided. “At first the owner was going to go to a music store and buy a mixer,
but since the space is rented to all kinds of people for all kinds of events, I advised
him that a mixer would be impractical. People needed something that would be
totally simple to use, and the BSS Contrio turned out to be ideal.’

Hoffer configured the EC-4BV to be able to switch between an iPad, DJ and mic and
also mix the inputs together if required. A fourth button is programmed to select
the mic only – a user only has to tap the “Mic Solo’ button on the controller. The
Contrio is connected via an Ethernet cable to a PoE (Power over Ethernet) power
injector, which feeds into a switch and the BSS Audio BLU-50.

“This was the first time I have ever installed a BSS Audio Contrio product and I
have to say I really like the fact that although it’s simple to use, the LCD screen and
configurable buttons enable it to be customized to a high degree. A cool feature is
the illuminated ring around the volume knob that acts as an input meter so you can
see what your signal is doing.’

Hoffer found the Contrio wall controller to be a high-value, flexible solution. “It
worked out very well for The SoHo and the facility owner is very happy.’ Hoffer
concluded, “I can absolutely see myself using it for future projects as a cost
effective professional-grade option for audio control.’