When Ceronix founder and president Don Whittaker decided that brighter images
were needed to accompany presentations and special events, he selected a Hitachi
CP-HD9320 with the SL702 short throw lens to do the job. The projector, which was
sold through Projector Team (www.projectorteam.com), was chosen for its ability to
project high-resolution, bright images in spaces with entire walls of windows, ease
of use and competitive pricing.

Ceronix is a leading manufacturer of specialized monitors used for ATMs, video
poker machines and point-of-sale solutions. The company, a pioneer in the field of
touchscreen technology, also manufactures the interactive display terminals most
commonly used to track scores in bowling alleys and casinos. Whittaker, who
founded Ceronix in 1982, oversaw the 1999 construction of the 63,000 square-foot
building that has served as company headquarters ever since.

In consideration of the area’s natural beauty – the building is set on 22 acres near
Lake Tahoe in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountain range – Whittaker
insisted on as many windows as possible. It’s a design decision he doesn’t regret,
even though it makes sharing slide shows, PowerPoint decks and movies a
challenge. “We were using an old projector that simply wasn’t able to stand up to
the light in the production area, our executive conference room and the cafeteria,
which we also use as a daycare center,’ Whittaker said. “Those areas are nearly
impossible to darken, so we needed something that could really deliver the

Since purchasing the Hitachi projector in August 2015, it’s been used for meetings to
update employees on their 401k plans, a casino-themed community event, video
presentations, executive gatherings and more. Regardless of the event or the room
in which it’s held, Whittaker said the projector has performed impressively. “The
optics on it are superb,’ he said. “You can project at almost full light.’

In addition to the projector’s brightness, Whittaker cites many other features that
make the Hitachi CP-HD9320 a great choice. It’s easy to feed the projector content
from laptops or thumb drives. The lamp life is 20,000 hours, by far the longest of
any projectors he evaluated. He considers the optics superb, with perfect rectangles
enabled by automated vertical and horizontal corrections. Finally, he appreciates
the ease with which the projector can be operated. With the specifications for each
of the three rooms in which it’s used programmed into the projector, Whittaker is
confident that anyone can plug it in, press no more than three buttons and start the