An SGM LT-200 3D LED light installation has provided an immersive, interactive
Fountain of Youth digital waterfall of light for customers at the new TRYANO store in
Yas Mall, situated on Abu Dhabi’s fashionable Yas Island.

The 30 LT-200 (2-metre) 3D pixel rods were specified by Kevin Palmer of Kin
Design, who conceived the idea for the permanent installation with fellow design
group, HMKM. Palmer had first discovered the SGM rods when designing a moving
ticker board for FCC’s new Urban Innovation Centre in central London, passing lo-
res messaging along the length of the pelmet. He immediately knew they would be
ideal for this project — the fact that the application could not have been more
different demonstrated the versatility of the product.

Made from a series of mirrored LED light columns, forming a 3-metre high
cylindrical drum, the “fountain’ constantly flows with a magical pulsing stream of
light, taking inspiration from the beautiful French garden fountains of Louis XIV.

As a visitor approaches, their silhouette is captured by a series of 3D infra-red
cameras; the fountain then reflects their form in light, as though in a digital mirror.
As the visitor moves around the fountain, the lights follow them, pulsing to their
movements and gestures. The lights are further reflected within the fountain’s
internal mirrors, and refracted in an outer ring of polished steel fins, creating a
truly immersive and interactive digital sculpture.

Opened by luxury retail specialist Chalhoub Group, TRYANO is a specialist,
20,000sqm store whose arrival coincides with the first anniversary of the opening of
Yas Mall.

Said KIN Design’s MD, Kevin Palmer, who has worked cooperatively with HMKM on
previous projects, “We came up with the concept for the Fountain Of Youth having
used SGM’s LED light rods in our project for FCC. We worked with SGM to plan out
the best product for what we wanted to achieve, and we worked together on the
layout of the tubes and the DMX control.

“This gave us the ability to create a lo-res screen, which coupled with the two way
mirrors, gave the impression of an infinite reflection and infinite number of tubes,
even though we only used 30. The fact that it responds to the user’s presence was
key to the success of the piece.

“Using bespoke software for the Kinect Camera, coupled with Madrix lighting control
and Lumix 8 drivers, we were able to achieve the results they were seeking.’

A further illusion was created by the fact that 2-metre long LT-200s filled a space
required to be 3m high by staggering the position of the tubes to cover the area.
“This, combined with the lighting effects and 2-way mirrors, rendered the
“staggering’ of the tubes invisible and has created the impression that the entire
height is filled with LED lights.’

In conclusion he confirms that the client is delighted with the effect and what the
installation adds in terms of an enhanced shopping experience. “Shoppers in the
space are coming to TRYANO — not just to make purchases but to be entertained.
This installation brings a sense of digital art to the store.’