Kramer Electronics is introducing the Kramer Network enterprise management
platform for AV over IP solutions at ISE 2016. This new solution from Kramer
enables the routing, management and control of standard AV and AV over IP
systems and it will be on display in the Kramer booth, F20 in Hall 1 at the ISE
show; being held at the RAI in Amsterdam from February 9th through February

As AV is evolving into a network-connected IP-enabled model, both AV and IT
professionals are being presented with boundless possibilities for routing, managing
and controlling “anything from anywhere.’

To meet this new market challenge of providing a powerful, yet simple global
enterprise solution, Kramer has taken an active approach and developed the
Kramer Network. The Kramer Network is a bridge between the traditional AV world
and the evolving AV over IP world. It is one platform that can manage everything.
Kramer Network is a powerful, all-encompassing enterprise software platform that
lets you easily route, manage, control, operate and maintain all your Pro AV, IT and
IP solutions with one convenient web-based interface. Kramer Network solution
provides holistic approach to hybrid networks, managing both legacy AV devices
and newer IP-based AV devices.

On top of that Kramer Network is the only solution that provides enterprise grade
Dante™ integration. Enabling user management, authentication, predefined
connection configurations, dedicated virtual matrix, customized room view.

There are three basic components to the Kramer Network that allow users to route,
manage and control a system of any size, spread out over any distance. The first is
the Virtual Matrix. With Kramer Network it is easy to switch any number of audio
and video sources to any number of destinations on an IP-based AV network. The
software can easily scale from a few devices to hundreds and thousands devices.
Users can simply just click in order to make audio, video, or audio and video
connections from any sources to any destinations, anywhere.

The second is Enterprise Management. The Kramer Network provides an easy-to-
use dashboard to manage all your standard AV and also AV over IP resources and
provide system analytics, and it also has an intuitive user access rights
management hierarchy built-in so access rights can be assigned quickly and easily,
locally or remotely for convenient system troubleshooting.

The third is Control. The Kramer Network allows users to easily control both AV
components as well as other important room functions, such as lights, shades,
screens, displays, and more. Users can also remotely configure and control all the
devices in any IP-based AV system. Kramer products introduced to the Kramer
Network will be auto-discovered, and other products can be easily added as well.

The Kramer Network can be installed on standard, enterprise, virtual, or cloud
servers, and the whole system can be web-managed, so it can be accessed or
operated if desired from anywhere, any time, through a web client using a laptop,
PC, or mobile device. With the Kramer Network there are both “Tree View’ and
“Room View’ options for operation.

Since the Kramer Network deploys on a standard Microsoft Windows platform,
there’s minimal Total Cost of Ownership. There is no programming necessary and
anyone can be up and running quickly with the Kramer Network.

Kramer Network is the perfect fit for controlling digital signage networks,
classrooms and lecture halls in colleges and universities and meeting rooms in
corporate settings, as well as many other applications in the military,
transportation, education, command and control, entertainment and medical vertical