Blackmagic Design recently announced that South African house of worship, LINC,
has installed Blackmagic Design live production hardware as part of a fully
integrated audiovisual solution in its purpose built campus facility, designed to
house the church’s growing congregation.

The video system, built around an ATEM 1 M/E Production Studio 4K and Smart
Videohub 20×20, allows volunteers from the congregation to produce live to screen
content during services. With more than a thousand people attending sermons every
week, a reliable, high quality audiovisual system was an essential element for the
church’s pastors and leaders.

“Video has always been an important medium for us, even in the church’s
beginning, when we realized producing video for our website got our message
across far more easily than written articles,’ explains Simon Wilkes, media
director, LINC Church. “When the time came to build our own facility, video had
been so central to our development, we were ready to evolve our production
capabilities and integrate it into a professional level AV solution.’

Signal distribution for the complex relies on an SDI network that features
Blackmagic’s Smart Videohub 20×20, which in addition to providing content for two
IMAG projectors in the main auditorium, also supplies live sermon feeds to
television screens located in the campus’ various community and family rooms.
Each of those television screens relies on a Teranex Mini 12G SDI to HMDI
converter to link them into the house of worship’s audiovisual setup.

Simon explains his reasons for choosing SDI as the backbone of the campus stems
from his own video experience. “I’ve worked with SDI since the very outset of our
introduction to video production and we now feel really competent with it. And so
when it came to expanding our audiovisual capabilities SDI was the obvious choice.
Now we can send video with embedded audio around the complex reliably, and cost

Live production during LINC’s services is handled by Simon and a team of church
volunteers, who produce all of the content for the live to screen. As well as
capturing the pastor’s sermon, the team bookends the live coverage with pre-
recorded content, including weekly notices and an immersive video which prepares
the congregation for communal prayer. “What we like about the Blackmagic kit is
that it not only produces excellent quality video, but it is so intuitive to work with,
so the volunteers in our team have been able to get really familiar with the solution
in a very short amount of time.’

“The LINC Campus is an amazing space, built specifically to help us grow the church
and nurture our community, so as video had been so central to our development as
an organization, it was essential that we had a reliable and high quality AV solution
to support our weekly worship,’ concludes Simon. “Not only has it brought our
congregation closer together during services, it has also given us a global profile,
and that has led to us sharing our insights with other churches.’