Loyly is much more than just a new sauna and restaurant in Helsinki, Finland – it is
an architectural masterpiece that organically adapts to its location overlooking the
sea, a short walk from the city centre. Saunas are an important part of Finnish
culture, but the rise of private saunas and the decline of public saunas have raised
alarms among some Finns. Loyly is a joyful return to the public sauna in an area
that is already popular among Finns and tourists, and that is slated for further
development along those lines. Designed by Avanto Architects, Loyly is built
primarily from heat-treated wood cut and fit to form triangles and facets that seem
to rise up among the rocks of the shore park where it is located. An outside terrace
in front of the building and rising up on its roof gives the public exceptional views of
the sea and lets them interact with the architecture in a playful way. Danley Sound
Labs fully-weatherized OS-80 loudspeakers and a Danley TH-118 subwoofer give
Loyly’s outside terrace a hi-fi sound system worthy of its architecture and attitude.

Danley Sound Labs’ European master distributor assisted with the Danley product
specification and installation. “The architectural value of the entire Loyly complex
made every decision very deliberate,’ explained Marko Lonngren, sound systems
specialist with Danley Sound Labs Europe. “Everyone involved expected high-fidelity
sound AND an aesthetic that would blend seamlessly with the stunning architecture.
There were many architects and designers who had to sign off on every decision.’

Lonngren recommended the Danley Sound Labs OS-80 loudspeakers, which are fully
weatherized and thus ready to stand up to Helsinki’s often-brutal winter weather –
especially on the coast. The OS-80s use legendary acoustician Tom Danley’s
patented Synergy Horn technology to deliver perfectly phase-coherent audio that is
naturally balanced, honest, and non-fatiguing. The full-range OS-80s are supported
by a Danley TH-118 subwoofer, which uses Tom Danley’s patented Tapped Horn
technology to deliver faithful, musical low-frequency content. A four-channel Danley
DNA 5k4c amplifier with on-board DSP powers and conditions the OS-80s and TH-