LynTec, a leading manufacturer of innovative electrical power control solutions for
professional audio, video, and lighting systems, recently announced it has added
three new circuit count panels to its RPC line of remote-control breaker panels. The
new panels make it possible for LynTec customers to add more circuits to their
designs in the same horizontal wall space to control a greater number of
components, as needed.

“Space is always at a premium in electrical closets, which are usually too small to
begin with. That’s why we made a point of adding higher-density panels to our
offering as soon as the electrical codes would allow it,” said Mark Bishop, president
of LynTec. “By adding higher-count circuit breaker panels, you get more circuit
breakers in each panel, which can reduce the total number of panels that have to be
installed. This not only saves space but also gives customers the opportunity to
control more elements, such as videowalls and digital signage. Having more
breakers per panel also reduces installation labor.”

Taking advantage of a change in the National Electrical Code that removed the
prohibition of more than 42 circuit breakers in a single panel, LynTec expanded its
RPC panel lineup to support 48, 66, and 84 circuit breaker positions, respectively.
Previously, RPC panels were available only with 30 or 42 circuit breaker slots. Now
customers have incremental options between the 30- and 84-position panels with no
increase in width. All RPC panels leverage the RPC controller’s ability to address up
to 168 motorized circuit breakers. The new panels are also available as Main Lug
Only (MLO) and Main Circuit Breaker (MCB) in 225-, 400- and 600-amp interiors.

LynTec’s 48-, 66-, and 84-slot RPC panels are available now. More information on
LynTec’s full line of products is available at