The nightlife culture changed dramatically in the Russian capital of Moscow with the grandiose opening of Space Moscow; a huge entertainment venue and nightclub designed to match the style of the original Space Club in Ibiza, Spain. To create a mesmerizing experience, Vitally Perepelin, lighting designer for Space Moscow, deployed over 70 of Harman’s Martin Professional lighting fixtures, fog machines and lighting consoles.

The Space Ibiza club is a long-time active user of Martin lighting solutions, so when the franchise was brought to Moscow it was natural to continue using Martin equipment.

Perepelin’s design features 22 MAC Aura LED wash lights, 12 MAC Viper Profiles, 12 compact MAC 101 fixtures, 16 RUSH MH3 Beams, 12 Atomic 3000 DMX strobes, M6 controller, ZR-44 Hi-Mass fog machine and the Jem 365 Ready hazer.

“I worked with Martin fixtures at the Euroshow company and I know that the fixtures are simple to use and they have a user-friendly menu. Moreover, some of them are really unique lights that don’t have any analogs on the market. For example, the MAC Viper Profile is very fast for its size, bright, has a great set of gobos and is an excellent beam and animation,’ says Perepelin.

Space also functions as an event hall for corporate events. For this reason, it was important that the lighting installation was mobile to meet the different requirements of various events. “From time to time I change the position of the Martin fixtures in the lighting set to add some diversity. Of course, the changes are not crucial but it’s still nice to have the flexibility to do so according to the customers’ wishes,’ he says, adding that he still enjoys using his favourite compact moving head, the MAC101. “When the time comes for the most energetic part of the show, the MAC 101s and RUSH MH3 Beams march into battle. The high speed in combination with the brightness is truly amazing.’

Perepelin explains that the RUSH MH3 is dynamic, has rich colours, a great prism and good gobos. Further, he says the basis for all lighting installations is centred around the flagship M6 lighting console, which he chose because it has all necessary functions for this club. “It is really easy to use and has perfect touchscreens that I like a lot, and the programming is very easy too. It’s intuitive and user-friendly, making it easy to jump between pages and arrange everything. I put one kind of parameters on one page and all the others on another which makes it easy to switch back and forth. This function makes this console so handy for me.’