Acts Christian Church in Midrand, South Africa has continued its MIDAS journey by
moving to Generation 3.0 with a recent upgrade to a PRO X mixing system. With
demand for higher channel count and more monitor sends to accommodate a
mixture of contemporary worship, the church has purchased a MIDAS PRO X, PRO1
and a combination of 5 MIDAS DL stage boxes to replace a PRO3.

The church’s Senior Pastor, Peter de Fin, who is also a former touring sound
engineer, has a firm preference on the quality of manufacturer he likes to deploy.
“We use quality microphones, loudspeakers and instruments so it was important to
us that the console didn’t become a bottleneck in process. We love MIDAS as a
brand and the new desks not only look great, but sound great and are very easy to

Acts Christian Church is a New Testament Church with two venues in Midrand, South
Africa; a 2,500 seat venue in Glen Austin and 600 seat venue in Vorna Valley.
Continually growing, increased flexibility of the new digital mixing system is a

The larger of the two venues, Glen Austin, is using a PRO X connected to a
NEUTRON engine backstage which acts as a distribution rack for all MIDAS I/O. One
DL153 located in the media room takes care of audio sends from radio mics and
audio/visual outputs. An additional DL153 is used as a stage box for additional
outboard and visiting artists’ equipment. The smaller Vorna Valley venue uses a
PRO1 with a DL153, DL152 and DL251.

The PRO Series Mixtender app for iPad is heavily utilised by the church band and
visiting musicians, who each take care of their own mixes via 12 stereo sends. The
added benefit is that it frees up the sound engineer who can concentrate entirely on
the front of house mix.

The church’s reaction to the MIDAS upgrade has been extremely positive. “Using the
latest PRO X software has been really fun and our volunteers love the MIDAS
experience. Once you have the freedom of more channels you quickly grow into
using more capacity so we’re already using more than we thought, and that
flexibility is incredible for us.”