Following an extensive nine-month, $10.5M renovation project, the Civic Theatre, the oldest surviving theatre building in New Orleans, has officially reopened its doors after sitting dormant for more than three decades. To bring the 107-year-old, 15,000-square-foot performance venue up to today’s production standards, Solomon Group, a new L-ACOUSTICS Certified Provider for install and rental markets, specified and integrated a KIVA-KILO loudspeaker system into the space.

Recently partnering with The Bowery Presents, one of the country’s preeminent promoters for both emerging and established artists, the intimate 1,150-capacity Civic begins hosting a wide variety of touring acts starting in September, including Russell Brand, The Black Crowes, Passion Pit, Steve Earle, John Waters and many others. Solomon Group–one of the Civic’s three partners, along with developers Brian Gibbs and Bryan Bailey–is coordinating the facility’s rentals for corporate functions, parties, receptions, films, fashion shows and other non-touring events.

According to Solomon Group Partner Stephen Fink, the new house sound system now features 11 KIVA enclosures flown beneath three KILO low-frequency extension cabinets per side, all custom-finished in white to match the room’s bright Beaux Arts-style interior. Ground-stacked below each array are two SB18 subs topped with a single coaxial 8XT enclosure for fill. The entire system is powered and processed by four amplified controllers: three LA8 and one LA4.

“L-ACOUSTICS’ KIVA-KILO was one of the very few systems that could accommodate the Civic’s rigging weight limits yet still provide the broad vertical splay that the room’s geometry required,” says Fink. “Beyond that, the stunning presence of these compact white arrays on either side of the stage perfectly complements the visual aesthetic of the venue. They almost look like part of the architecture, as if they were made specifically for the space. KIVA-KILO was the best fit for the Civic physically, sonically and financially.”

Shortly after installing the new system at the Civic, Solomon Group added a comprehensive L-ACOUSTICS package to its own rental inventory. That purchase was comprised of 48 KARA enclosures, 20 SB18 and eight SB28 subs, a dozen each of 8XT and 115XT HiQ coaxials, plus six LA-RAK amplified controller racks for power.

“In addition to our design and install projects, we stage a large number of live productions, especially corporate events,” Fink adds. “While the Civic install was getting underway, we had been looking to step up the audio side of our rental division and L-ACOUSTICS presented itself as the ideal partner. Not only did they have the reputation and system performance we were looking for, but also the wide range of products and dedicated personnel we required to reach out to both potential rental/staging and permanent installation clients. So we’ve made a big splash with L-ACOUSTICS and have already seen that it was the right choice.”