The strategic partnership between Bosch Security Systems, Inc. and OnSSI has
resulted in new integration capabilities with the Ocularis IP video surveillance and
security platform. Ocularis 5.2 now supports client-side dewarping of streams from
the Bosch FLEXIDOME IP panoramic camera family.

Bosch FLEXIDOME IP panoramic cameras offer a full 180-degree or 360-degree
overview of an area in a single view. Available with five or 12 megapixel resolution
at high frame rates, the cameras provide a complete overview without blind spots
and easily capture moving objects. Dewarping of the panoramic streams within
Ocularis 5.2 eliminates the image distortion caused by the cameras’ fish-eye lens.

“Blind spots can seriously undermine the reliability of video surveillance, but our
panoramic cameras offer a solution by enabling operators to oversee everything in
an area with superb clarity,’ said Brad Eck, Integration Manager, North America,
Bosch Security Systems, Inc. “Viewing detailed dewarped overview images within
the powerful Ocularis video and event management platform improves the quality
of any security operation – providing our mutual customers better visual
information about critical events.’

Bosch and OnSSI work together to continually enhance capabilities for customers.
Before this latest release, the Ocularis platform already supported video analytic
events delivered from Bosch IP devices and the Intelligent Dynamic Noise Reduction
(IDNR) feature of Bosch IP cameras, which cuts storage costs and significantly
lowers network strain by reducing bitrate by up to 50 percent. Other features
supported include edge recording to prevent loss of video during network or server
failures, multi-streaming, tamper and motion detection, and more.

“Many OnSSI customers rely upon the advanced capabilities supported by the
combination of Bosch cameras and IP devices with the Ocularis video and event
management platform,’ said Mulli Diamant, Vice President of International Business
Development, OnSSI. “The additional integration of these new panoramic cameras
gives installers powerful new tools to address an even wider array of application
scenarios and improve situation awareness for users.’

For more information on the Bosch devices and features supported by Ocularis from
OnSSI, visit the Integration Partner Program portal at