It’s been nearly a year since over 80 Robe lighting fixtures were supplied and installed at the charismatic Energiehuis, in the Netherlands, and Pieter Kop is delighted with the performance of the Robes – which include a mix of LEDWash 300s, 600E Spots and Washes – all from Robe’s ROBIN range – plus some LEDForce PARs.

Project manager for Energiehuis, Kuno van Velzen of Controllux, explains that the requirements were to supply and install stage lighting, dimming, rigging and a data network for the project’s five main spaces, the most flexible and elegant lighting solutions and facilities for the budget. “The Robe moving lights on the spec helped enable us to offer great value and cutting-edge technology. Everyone lighting a show, whatever the size or style, will have all the options they need,’ he says.
Moving lights for the 800-capacity main stage – on the fourth floor of the building’s former turbine hall – include 12 each of Robe’s ROBIN 600E Spots and Washes together with 16 each of the ROBIN 300E Spot and Wash fixtures. These were picked for their “smaller-brighter-lighter’ properties which are at the core of Robe’s current research and development strategy.

For the Ketel 1 and Ketel 2 rooms primarily used by ToBe, ten Robe Robin LEDWash 300s and ten LEDForce 18 LED PARs have been supplied – which can be easily moved and changed around as needed.

In the Machine 3 (M3) venue on the third floor, which is mostly operated by the Kunstmin theatre, there are another 12 LEDWash 300s plus another 12 again for the 300-capacity Power Stage on the first floor.

The venue

Energiehuis was transformed into a new multi-venue cultural centre by Jonkman Klinkhamer Architects – a stylish and cool integration of majestic civil engineering with contemporary industrial design and modern performance facilities offering the very highest production values.

Converted from a once-thriving power station, which was closed in the 1970s and lay derelict and neglected until the three year regeneration plan began in 2010. The Energiehuis project was instigated and driven by Dordrecht Town Council and the performance elements developed in conjunction with theatre consultants.