In what is one of the most compelling and exciting installations of multimedia
technology to date, integration experts, Sarner created and installed a vast array of
700 graphics panels and content for over 100 audiovisual productions at the new
National War Museum, Malta.

The Museum tells the story of Fort St Elmo’s rich and varied history, including the
dramatic Great Siege of 1565 and Malta’s pivotal role in World War II for which it’s
citizenry were awarded the George Cross, the civilian equivalent of the Victoria
Cross. Sarner worked with design consultants, Forward Architects Joint Venture and
main contractor Camray to bring the project to life.

“Exhibits date back to the Bronze Age, around 2,500 B.C,’ explains Ross Magri,
Managing Director at Sarner. “AV Stumpfl players are configured to display our
content onto the screen. We remotely access the severs to update as necessary
using a FTP server or if there is a particular event or archaeological discovery

Each player loops all data and multimedia-based content created by Sarner that is
frame synchronised ensuring failsafe presentations when they are switched on in
the morning till when the Museum closes.

“As visitors walk through the museum they are told the stories of the people,
battles and ages in chronological order using visual displays and interactive

“A highlight of this brand new attraction is undoubtedly the immersive show, set
inside the historic Cavalier, propelling visitors into the heart of these experiences,’
adds Magri. Here, a Wings Engine Play is used to manage content over three
projection areas.

Wings Engine Play is an industrial standard hardware platform that uses AV Stumpfl
automatic camerabased alignment calibration and has sophisticated production and
show control capabilities.

The Grand Harbour Regeneration Corporation in collaboration with Heritage Malta
invested €15.5 million into Malta’s Fort St Elmo to transform this historical gem into
an outstanding tourist attraction that opened in May 2015.

“This is yet another amazing use of our technology by Sarner. With thanks to the
dynamic content, we’re delighted that the museum has wowed audiences since it’s
opening,’ says Tobias Stumpfl, CEO at AV Stumpfl.