Odeon Multicines Girona is the second film theatre in Spain – following La
Maquinista in Barcelona – to offer Star Wars: The Force Awakens in 3D with a
Christie® dual-head 6-Primary (6P) laser projection system. This multiscreen
complex joins a growing band worldwide to offer Christie 6P laser projections, the
solution of choice for the world’s best film theatres. Sala 4 at the multiscreen
complex, which already had Dolby Atmos sound, was equipped for the occasion with
the revolutionary Christie CP42LH HFR 3DLP® 4K RGB laser projector, an ultra-
bright colourful solution for big screens.

Anchored by the Christie Freedom® laser lighting system, the CP42LH reproduces a
colour spectrum that exceeds DCI P3 specifications and matches the Rec. 2020
colour space, making it the most advanced RGB laser cinema projection system
available on the market.

Located in Espai Girones, a huge shopping centre in Salt, a town just outside Girona,
Multicines Odeon has ten screens with a total capacity of 1,700. Seating 277 people,
Sala 4, where the dual-head Christie system has been installed, is the theatre’s
main screen, measuring 14.3 metres wide and 6.1 high and is also equipped with
Dolby Atmos sound.

The system installed in this theatre includes two 4K Christie CP42LH laser projection
heads with integrated media block (IMB) connected via fibre optic to two racks,
each one with six RGB laser modules that provide a total of 60,000 lumens – double
what current digital projectors with lamps are able to offer.

The scalability of the platform allows up to 12 modules per rack. And, with each
laser module generating 5,000 lumens of light, that means a potential of up to
60,000 lumens per rack, and a total of 120,000 lumens. The system, designed to
achieve over 14 foot lamberts in 3D screens, uses Dolby® 3D glasses specifically
engineered to exactly match the 6 primary laser light wavelengths, thus yielding
very high light efficiency.

Odeon Multicines Girona is now the second film theatre in Spain to offer Star Wars:
The Force Awakens with a dual-head 6P laser projection system, following in the
footsteps of Dolby Cinema La Maquinista in Barcelona which is equipped with the
Dolby Vision projection system, a platform developed jointly by Dolby and Christie
which also uses two 6P 4K HFR RGB laser projection heads.