Shure has supplied an array of AV systems, microphones, and automatic mixing
hardware for Turkey’s presidential complex in Beştepe, in the Turkish capital Ankara.
Supplied through Atempo, Shure’s distributor in Turkey, the equipment included DCS
simultaneous translation and conferencing systems, Microflex® Wireless conferencing
microphones, and Axient® and ULX-D® wireless microphone systems.

The presidential complex, or Cumhurbaşkanlığı Kulliyesi in Turkish, incorporates the
official residence of the republic’s President Erdoğan, assorted offices of state, a
mosque, a public library, and a cultural centre. Atempo, also integrators on the
construction project, submitted the Shure equipment as part of its tender to install the
AV systems in two sizeable multi-purpose congress halls at the complex, containing 2
050 and 300 seats respectively, used for concerts, conferences, opera, and theatre.
The tender also covered nine associated basement meeting rooms and foyer and
public exhibition areas.

The 2 050-seat multi-purpose hall was fitted with a DCS 6000 digital conferencing,
assistive hearing and translation system, providing sound reinforcement for speeches
in the hall and also allowing up to 12 different languages to be simultaneously
translated and relayed to any of the individual seats. Axient wireless microphone
systems with Spectrum Manager, full ShowLink® remote control capabilities and
Wireless Workbench® software were also supplied, along with handheld and lavalier
mic units, headphones and supplementary ULX-D digital wireless microphone
hardware. Classic Shure wired products including the SM58® and SM57, Beta-series
mics, and high-quality KSM32s provide the hall with further miking flexibility for sales
conferences and political debates to rock concerts and opera productions. A further
eight-channel Axient wireless microphone system, together with a networked
Microflex Wireless system offering gooseneck and handheld microphone options and
associated Dante-enabled SCM820E automatic mixers were installed in the basement
meeting rooms, providing additional flexible sound reinforcement.

According to Tayfun Konuralp and Murat Koysuren, respectively Project Sales Manager
and Project Coordinator at Atempo, the company chose Shure thanks to a
combination of factors, including the international reputation of the brand, and its
popularity among live sound and mix engineers in Turkey. “For this project, we had to
ensure we could deliver clear audio with no disruptions,” explains Tayfun Konuralp.
“There were three main criteria for the client: sound quality, the ease of
implementation of the network underpinning the system, and, finally the physical look
of the product. Shure outperformed the competition in all three areas. The fact that
the Axient and Microflex microphone systems were so easy to network was fairly
decisive. We didn’t even carry out any audio quality tests on the Shure equipment, as
it was already clearly the first choice according to our client.”

Shure also provided support directly during the installation, as Murat Koysuren
explains: “With the translation system, it was the first time Atempo had handled a
system for a hall of this size, involving 2,050 seats. The Shure technical team
supported our installers with detailed cabling structures as well as on-site support
during the installation.”

With the installation complete and the halls at the presidential complex now in use,
Atempo has had nothing but positive feedback on the Shure systems from state
officials. “They were up and running with the Shure systems in no time,” explains
Murat Koysuren.

“One of the main requirements for this project was that the networked components
should be easy to manage and control remotely, and they’ve been telling us how
Wireless Workbench has made that so simple for them.”

“Our change in distribution has provided us with numerous opportunities in the
country,” commented Chant Utukian, Shure regional sales manager. He adds, “Despite
the current market challenges, we are confident that together with Atempo, we will
achieve more milestones like this project.”