Rational Acoustics has released updates for both Smaart v7 and Smaart v7 Di. The updates are free and are recommended for all v7 and v7 Di users.

This update includes all of the Real Time Mode features that were added to the full v7 program in the 7.5 update. Smaart v7 Di 1.1 also includes the long awaited v7 Di API. There is no licensing change for this update, simply follow the normal update instructions below.

Due to functional differences between Smaart v7 and v7 Di, the Di API is not identical to the v7 API. Existing third-party programs that include integration with the v7 API will not work with DI until the manufacturer of that program includes the ability to connect to the DI API. All existing SDK recipients have been notified of this change in advance.

• Added Smaart v7 Di API: Allows third party programs the ability to query and issue basic command to any operating copy or v7 Di (host) as well as request the output data of any of its running measurements (graphics).

• Added Normalize function for TF measurements: Holding the Shift key and clicking anywhere on the Magnitude plot normalises all visible traces to 0 dB at that frequency.

• Added Quick Compare for TF measurements: (Trace Subtract) Quick Compare captures a copy of the top Transfer Function trace and stores the inverse in memory as a weighting curve. This curve can be quickly applied as a global weighting curve to all live Transfer Function measurements.

• Added Target Curves on RTA plots: Import ASCII traces into Smaart and display them in a static position on the RTA plot to serve as a visual target or threshold for your single-channel measurements. Curves are managed from Options -> Target Curves and are toggled with the X hotkey.

• Live IR plot can now occupy a proportional amount of space when viewing multiple plots

The Live IR plot can occupy 1/3 or 1/2 of the plot space when viewed with another TF plot. This feature is enabled by checking “Proportional Panes’ in Transfer Function Options.

• Added Configuration Management: Save as/Restore default on current configuration. Recall, delete and copy functions for stored configs.

• Hover text on Trace Folders, which is useful when using long folder names. Hovering your cursor over Trace Folders displays information text similar to Trace Info text.

• Improved Fractional Octave Smoothing.

• Improved Coherence-Weighted Averaging.

• Improved Integrated Averaging (1 sec, 2 sec, etc).

• Changed Mag Range in TF Options to be a Customizable Default.

• Changed Smaart IO to be Default Output Device for Signal generator (when connected)

For more information about these new v7 Di features, review Smaart’s built-in Help File.

Smaart v7

The 7.5.2 update is a minor update with a few important bug fixes:

• Fixed bug where IR ETC would not calculate for certain filters,
• Fixed bug where Normalise wouldn’t work if only one trace was being shown,
• Fixed bug where global weighting was being applied to loaded traces,
• Fixed smoothing bug with measurements falling below magnitude threshold.

For instructions to perform the updates, click here