The AMX NX-4200 of the next generation NetLinx Integrated Controller Family, the
NX Series, is geared to meet the high-end control and automation requirements of
the most sophisticated and complex business, educational and residential

NX provides a scalable platform for the future by combining high performance,
backward compatibility and extensive network security features. The NX-4200
provides versatility with the ability to integrate the largest number of devices in the
NX Series of Integrated Controllers, including projectors, lighting, DVD and Blu-ray
players, thermostats and other electronic equipment. The NX-4200 is the ideal
solution for technology-rich environments.

The hardware and software is built for continuous operation, and supports modern
networking standards as well as enabling two discrete network interfaces for
excellent security. High performance architecture, flexible programming platform
(RPM, NetLinx and Java) making it easily scalable to support a wide range of

Full line compatible with standardised port numbers and new configuration import /
export tools mean fewer coding changes, enhanced diagnostics on serial and IR
ports provides real time error feedback when serial and IR ports are disconnected
or improperly wired.
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