First opened in 1816, Trondheim’s Trøndelag Teater is the oldest Scandinavian stage
in continuous use. A major 1990s rebuilding project saw the original auditorium, the
Gamle Scene (The Old Stage), incorporated into a modern complex which added
three further stages of different sizes. This year, further investment has seen an
Alcons QR24/QM24 pro-ribbon audio system installed in the Gamle Scene.

The new system comprises five Alcons QR24 and QM24 modular, pro-ribbon column
arrays per side, powered by two Alcons Sentinel 10 amplified loudspeaker
controllers. Combining a natural, dynamic sound reproduction with very high peak
power handling, the modular, scalable Q-series delivers superb intelligibility and
throw in even the most acoustically-challenging environments.

Supplied, installed and commissioned by Trondheim Lyd, the Alcons system
replaced an existing point source PA.

“When we were choosing a new sound system, it was of course very important that
it sounded great,’ says Jomar Johansen, head of production at Trøndelag Teater.
“The room has a unique acoustic quality, while the other main factor was that we
needed a system that could adapt to the style and be a modern part of a listed
baroque stage from 1816, which is also used without speech amplification.’

“We use headset microphones for many of our productions and we don’t want to
spend a lot of time dealing with feedback issues,’ adds the theatre’s Erlend Aune.
“We needed a system that was loud and clear but, at the same time, very clean.
We have productions featuring both live bands and pre-recorded playback, so the
system had to sound great through the entire frequency spectrum, with enough
headroom for speech on top of the music.’

By using only two RBN high frequency drivers, which are each 12′ long, the QR24’s
active frontal radiation is close to 90%. This results in sharply controlled vertical
dispersion, which delivers superb, SPL-independent intelligibility over distance,
without the necessity of DSP-based beam-shaping. This was key to achieving
seamless sound throughout the auditorium, while the shallow form factor and ACO™
colour option allowed for unobtrusive installation.

The Alcons system was installed in time for the production of Begynnelser
(Beginnings), a complex production in which music, text, film and theatrical
performance art are juxtaposed in a narrative which examines activity in the brain
at the moment of death. The show’s sound design was by the theatre’s Eskil Næss.

“Begynnelser featured the band Motorpsycho and it needed a system that could
make the actors headset microphones really cut through the sound of the band,’
says Erlend. “It was the original intention that they would play with a drummer,
which would have given us a hard time with the actors’ dialogue, as it was quite
pretty low volume dialogues on stage. So the coverage and clear, distinct HF
delivery of the Q-series made it ideal. All-in-all it has been a very good choice for
Gamle Scene.’

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