LEDVision (Pty) ltd, South Africa’s top full-service LED rental provider, has just
taken delivery of the latest in a string of technological acquisitions that continues to
set them apart in the LED arena.

“We are now able to rent high resolution indoor screen to our clients, in the form of
105sqm of ROE Visual PB3 screen product, with an HD pixel pitch of 3.9mm. Known
as Black Pearl, this product offers the same award-winning tile design as its
predecessor, the Black Onyx and is powered by Tessera LED processing – a cutting-
edge system from Brompton Technology.

It makes use of Tessera management software, which provides a user-friendly yet
powerful interface for controlling all aspects of the system.

Along with a built-in scaler and de-interlacer, users can benefit from real-time
adjustment of position, rotation, colour, brightness of panels and high-spec video
performance with 3G-SDI input.

“The product features a high refresh rate, outstanding colour processing and great
contrast ratio, as well as a fast and simple assembly system, which makes it
equally well suited to music concerts, exhibitions, corporates and conferences’
explains LEDVision’s Graeme Baker.

The LEDVision team has noted a growing awareness of high resolution screen in the
South African market, and has engaged directly with their existing clients to
determine their specific requirements. “This new product means that we can give
our clients a larger variety of products to suit their needs and strengthens our
culture of providing creative, technical solutions as opposed to merely technical
supply. The product will also relieve our stock demand somewhat.’

The product arrived at the end of May 2016.

Along with the new screen acquisition, LEDVision is taking delivery of 600m of ROE
Strip product. “The strip LED was first requested for an advertisement shoot and
has since gained popularity as a scenic element on events like Ultrafest,’ says
Graeme. “The strips are flexible and lightweight, with many variations in length and
light coverage. This product gives us an additional linear creative dimension for LED
usage on live events. The strips can be applied on just about any surface – from a
car roof to set edging – to create interest and movement. We look forward to
producing some unusual eye-candy with these in the near future.’

Graeme believes that ROE has been leading the way with creative LED for a while
now and has seen a rise in the prevalence of this product on the international circuit
of late. “ROE’s ability to curve is a great example of their creative thinking. The
latest investments give LEDVision a healthy stock holding of ROE product and
strengthens our already flourishing relationship with ROE’ he says.