Martin Audio announced that a Middle East-based production company,Access All Areas, has added a 24-enclosure MLA Compact rig to its inventory, purchased from Martin Audio’s Dubai distributor VTi.

Access All Areas was set up by two British expats – Martin Gravestock and Grant Collins – in 2003, specialising in providing turnkey production solutions for the conference and concert sectors. “With the market changes post 2008, we adapted our plan, and sold off a lot of older outdated equipment,’ Gravestock explains. “Our plan with audio was to find a solution that could cover our core business adequately, with room for expansion, but also one that gave us an edge over our competitors.’ He notes that while other systems he reviewed “would have done the job’, he felt that none had the attributes of MLA. “Our system techs felt at ease very quickly with what is initially perceived as a very complicated system. But it all makes perfect sense and is actually very quick to set up.’

The technology behind MLA, he says, is astonishing. “With Dubai still growing, it is these points that are starting to be recognised and even specified by the clients. We are here to show them there is a better solution and this is what will set us apart from our competition.’ Aside from rental, Access All Areas also has a profile in installation, and Gravestock confirms on-going high profile projects in the education sector which will see both Martin Audio OmniLine and DD12 Differential Dispersion technology deployed.

In the meantime, he says: “Having MLA will boost our profile in the market, it will enable us to also grow our customer base and expand the type of shows that we do. With the audio department firmly sold on the Martin Audio philosophy, there will definitely be more boxes and systems arriving in our warehouse soon.’