One of the UK’s hottest rising pop stars is singer / songwriter Foxes (Louisa Rose
Allen) who recently toured the UK with a fresh, inventive and contemporary lighting
design to match which was based around Robe moving lights… and created by Jake

Vernum creative starting point for this latest tour was the band’s request for a
complete change in visuality and a step away from the strobe-tastic and lasery look
of the previous tour … to something more subtle, magical and ephemeral.

Vernum, Carter and Mike Smith from Bryte Design discussed adding some classic
theatrical effects like a starcloth / voile backdrop plus more set elements and gold
fronted stairs. They complimented the set with a thoughtfully crafted floor package,
designed for scalability both up and down to suit all the venues on the itinerary.

The Robe kit included five LEDWash 1200s, 6 x Pointes and 6 x LEDBeam 100s,
boosted for the London showcase gig at the Roundhouse by 42 x LEDBeam 100s, 6 x
LEDWash 600s, 18 x DLF Washes and 6 x DLX Spots which are part of the house rig.

The five Robin LEDWash 1200s were located on each of the five risers, providing
strong backlight that perfectly created “’’moments of suspense’ when the audience
could not tell if the band were onstage or not, forcing all the attention onto Foxes, a
technique used at the top of the show and during the moodier acoustic numbers.

The Pointes were spaced evenly along the back of the stage risers to give an
alternative powerful back look, again blasting forward through the backline.

Pointe has been Vernum’s “number one moving head profile’ for this scale of tour
for some time.

His favourite features on the Pointe are the 6-way linear and 8-way circular facet
prisms, which give a break-up that is completely different in quality and texture
than standard breakup gobos, or prisms.

The LEDBeam 100s were positioned on the drum riser steps behind the centre vocal
position. Vernum loves the “small and effective’ LEDBeam 100 and used them
frequently to draw the attention right to Foxes herself when stood at that centre
vocal, a visual reinforcement that is particularly important at the start of the show
during huge uplifting moments.

The LEDBeam 100s also created extra layers of depth, their beams shooting out
from behind the singer from a position downstage from all the other floor fixtures.

For the Roundhouse show, 18 of the 42 additional LEDBeam 100s were hung on the
back truss and the other 24 were used to light around the room.

The Roundhouse’s DLF Washes were used as overhead washes, and more DLF
Washes on the front truss coupled with DLX Spots doubled as additional front
washes and key lighting.

The touring lighting package and stage set, risers and extra lights for the
Roundhouse show were supplied by Pearce Hire.