Saying goodbye to an unforgettable summer, Hunter’s hosted the three Heat
Seekers, visiting cities in Durban (4 March at People’s Park East), Johannesburg (11
March at Mary Fitzgerald Square) and Cape Town (18 March at The Ostrich Farm, off
N7). This year the AV Company, a Durban based rental company, provided the
sound, lighting, staging and power for all three venues where the top South African
line-up included Cassper Nyovest, Black Motion, Chicana, Nasty C and Ricky Rick.

Lighting designers Mbulelo Msuthwana and Keagan Browning from the AV Company
programmed on an MA dot2 console with dot2 fader wing. “We loved the simplicity
and ease of the MA as well as the node options allowing so many DMX outputs
easily spread out,’ they both agreed.

24 Robin 600 LEDWash fixtures were used to wash the entire venue and VIP deck as
well as lighting the performance area. While there was a large 7m x 3m LED
screens above the DJ, 24 Robe Pointes punched through with beams and effects.

“In Johannesburg and Durban, we built an arched shaped dome roof stage belonging
to Paul Nel of Show Co, and measuring 50m long, 25m wide and 25m high,’
explained Craig Browning, owner of the AV Company, who headed the project. “In
Cape Town we trucked in our own 12m x 12m Layher roof stage.’

While the stage looked great and there was a wonderful response from the
audience, the highlight of this event for Craig Browning was the support he received
from fellow rental companies. “What stood out for me on this tour was the help and
assistance from all my competitors in the industry whilst I was in Cape Town and
Johannesburg,’ he said. “If I ran into any problems, big or small it was a simple
phone call and the guys were there to help out. It’s great knowing we all have such
comradeship in this competitive industry!’

Equipment included:

• 24 Robin 600 LEDWash
• 4 Robin 300 LEDWash
• 24 Robe Pointe
• 16 Martin MAC 101
• 4 Martin Atomic Strobe
• 4 8 Way Molefay crowd blinders
• 2 LED blinder 4 way
• 24 Longman Parcans
• 1 LSC Redback dimmer
• 1 grandMA dot2
• 1 dot2 fader wing
• 2 Robe Fog 1550T smoke machine
• 180m Prolyte trussing
• 16 Prolyft Aetos motors 500kg
• 1 16m x 6 m Layher stage deck
• 1 7m x 3m 6mnm LED Screen
• 2 Huey 63A Distros
• 8 Beavis 32A Distro
• 1 125 KVA generator