The Airbeat-One festival happens yearly since 2002 on the private airfield of
Neustadt-Glewe in North Germany and is held by the rental company Music-Eggert.
There are several floors where a lot of EDM fans can listen to several styles of their
favourite music.

The Main Floor this year alone was equipped with the following material: 108 x Clay
Paky Mythos, 28 x Clay Paky B-EYE K20, 20 x Clay Paky B-EYE K10, 16 x Alpha Spot
HPE 1500, 66 x Laser Imagineering Sunbeam 100 4C Zoom, 34 x Laser
Imagineering CLED 1000, 1 x grandMA2 full-size, 2 x grandMA2 light, 2 x MA
NPU(Network Processing Unit) and 2 x MA 2Port Node. Stage designer was
Sebastian Eggert, the Lighting design came from Sebastian Heise.

Heise, who is also CEO of Laser Imagineering, explained: “The base design idea of
the different dance floors is to get an impressive feeling to all festival guests. The
lighting fixtures themselves shall be part of the decoration and shall not dominate
the total optical appearance of the stage. This year we took the Mythos as main
fixture element, they are extremely small, but also very powerful compared to
other bigger systems. I liked the idea to have a system, equipped with stepless
CMY, which is also a kind of convertible system between beam, profile and
washlight, therefore the Mythos has a very wide zoom range a good gobo engine.
Also the necessary power in comparison to the output power was another argument.

We also added a lot of B-EYEs, this fixture comes as a powerful washlight, with a
nice narrow spot beam, if turned to wide zoom, it is perfect to create massive
blinding effects. The shape function gave additional effects to the stage in
combination with the rotation lens system.

Sebastian Eggert added “Airbeat One tries every year to create new milestones. We
got very positive feedback from our international acts, which are touring all around
the globe on all or EDM stages within the year. We started on the same airfield
years ago with ~ 2500 guests and a stage roof over the dancefloor, this year we
had a running length of 105m on the main stage with 30.000 guests.’

The stage design was realized by GoPlus1 (Dan Skanska, Stefan Skradde, Christoph
Weiss), The lighting stuff was installed by Nordlite/Hamburg.