BlackTrax realtime motion tracking system kept the spotlight in focus for the Starboy:
Legend of The Fall worldwide tour for Grammy Award-winning singer, songwriter and
record producer, The Weeknd.

Production manager, Rob DeCeglio, takes up the story: “BlackTrax was the first
tracking system that I have used that is worth the setup time. Other systems in the
past either were not accurate enough or still require human operators of some kind.
This certainly opens the doors for other tracking applications and diversification,
everything from artists to set pieces.’

An angular 120 long by 70 wide suspended and flown in multi-faceted triangle piece
was created by TAIT for use with audio, projection and lighting.

“Having a giant kinetic structure made it impossible to use traditional spot locations
and have coverage on the principal,’ added DeCeglio. These were positioned stage left
and stage right of the run way and with four high and low upstage fixtures.

“For the Weeknd, it’s always about Art. Designers and production alike are charged
with creating something that’s unique, something that compliments and enhances the
music, and something that brings the focus without being a distraction to Abel Tesfaye
(The Weeknd).’

In highlighting the creative and production benefits of BlackTrax, DeCeglio said:
“Besides needing to use BlackTrax for practical reasons, it also gives the ability to
focus on the performer with unique angles, colours, and an incredible amount of
accuracy that you would never get with a traditional follow spot.’

For The Weeknd, the futuristic set design was by Es Devlin, and lighting design was by
Sooner Routhier of SRae Productions. Starboy: Legend of The Fall was the first time
that Routhier had used BlackTrax. “I love the Black Trax system. I would love to put it
on every show for the rest of my life!! The technology is incredible and makes such a
huge difference in your production.’

Additional credits for the tour go to Daren Koop, lighting programmer and operator,
and Marc Thomas, on-site TAIT integrator.

Having already toured Europe, South America, North America and Canada, the
Starboy: Legend of The Fall will wrap up in Australia this December.