Formative Bespoke Stage and Production Design were recently contracted by MTV
Networks out of the UK to produce all screen visuals and awards animations for the
MTV Africa Music Awards (MAMA) on 18th July 2015.

Formative created all of the 3d awards sequences and a combination of 2d and 3d
visuals for 10 collaborative performances from top local and international artists,
which included Neyo, Jhene Aiko, AKA and P-Square. All the performance visuals
were custom designed for each artist. Each had a unique backdrop, lights and set
changes that the team were able to visualise, create and run through fully ahead of
time. A number of performance visuals were synced to track via time code, which
made for an incredible all-round sensory experience.

“We premade most of the visual content in the studio and spent a week on site in
Durban programming, testing and modifying the sequences to fit in with the
creative design for each performance,’ says Grant Orchard, Creative Director of
Formative. “We created three brand new performance sequences on site.’

“The beauty of having a full animation and graphics team on site meant that we
were able to take our creativity to a new level, using the stage design itself to
inspire some of the special touch-ups we were able to achieve,’ says Orchard. “The
creativity started back in the studio, but really came to life when we were able to
play around using the dynamics of the stage on site.’

For the MAMA’s, Formative were tasked with providing the content playback system.
They are currently the only production design and motion graphics company in
Africa to own and operate the d3 technologies video production suite, leading-edge
software and hardware playback technology.

“We work with one of the world’s most advanced graphic and video production
suites, known as d3 technologies,’ says Gareth Hadden, Business Director of
Formative. “It is a state-of-the-art, fully integrated playback system that allows us
to pre-visualise and pre-programme the show to the nth degree in a 3d space. We
can do anything we’re able to imagine for our customer’s live events, and we are
the only people in Africa with this technology and the know-how to tap into its
powerful capabilities.’

Formative are well known for their work on Skouspel 2014 and the upcoming 2015
music concert where they will be creating the set design and video content. For the
last two years they’ve done stage, set and visual design for many projects of
varying types, from broadcasts such as Afri-Visie to the V&A Waterfront’s annual
New Year’s Eve parties, one of which was one of South Africa’s largest Projection
Mapping experiences, and are looking forward to doing so for the third year

“In an industry sometimes beset by a lack of creativity, we are excited that a South
African company is ahead of the curve in terms of the latest technology and
creative effects,’ says Hadden. “We’re really looking forward to seeing what lies
ahead for the entertainment industry in South Africa.’