At InfoComm this year digiLED will be showing their latest ground-breaking LED display technology.


The digiLED LightSlice is the ultimate ‘use anywhere’ creative product; you can bolt it to staging, use lifting eyes, mount it on MAGfeet, build onto Rexroth or thread on cables. Best of all, there’s no additional power or data boxes so when you buy LightSlice, you get the whole thing!

Perfect for TV, live events and exhibitions, design limitations only exist in your head!


The HRi 3.5mm / 3.1mm / 2.7mm pixel pitch options offer unique fast-rig and edge protection design, to ensure rapid deployment and durability in both the AV rental and the fixed installation markets. And it’s not only the mechanics that set this latest hi-res product apart, the HRi series is super camera friendly and delivers astonishing greyscale even in low-light broadcast applications.