The vibrancy and creativity of African fashion designers adorned the runway at the
Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Joburg, by African Fashion International (AFI), from
the 10 to 12 March at the Nelson Mandela Square in Sandton. Lighting designer
Mauritz Jacobs from Dream Sets has become part and parcel of this anticipated
event for the past 8 years.

“This year I tried something completely different,’ explained Mauritz. “We used 16
Robe ColorWash 2.5 K and 16 Robin 800 LEDWash to do the job, enabling the
correct lighting for photographers while still adding colour changers and strobe
effects.’ Programming was on a grandMA2 full size.

Mauritz used colour for backlighting. “We purely outlined the models from the back
which worked very well while still using the desired colour temperatures,
particularly for photographers, for the front.’

With the audience sitting right up against the ramp this year, Mauritz used an
overhead truss instead of two side trusses. “When the angles are correct, there are
no shadows under the model’s eyes and chin which is what you want,’ he said.

The fashion world demands models are lit on cue and not a second later. Freelancer
Gary Sam operated the grandMA2 for each show while Mauritz worked out the set
changes in the short 15 minutes between the various fashion shows.

Dream Sets built the set that extended right up to the roof, as well as the 5m wide
ramp (20mm high) that was painted grey and sealed to get the desired effect.
Dream Sets also custom-built 120 benches, which seated the audience.

“Working with a great team makes any job very easy to do,’ ended Mauritz. “Well
done to Dream Sets… all hands on deck!’